Together with our customers we strive to find the best ways and optimal solutions in arranging and negotiating insurance solutions and in the comprehensive management with risks in companies. Furthermore, we aim to making the quality of our services and knowledge surpass your expectations. Our competitive advantage is reflected in unique approach towards our customers, where there are always in the forefront the interests of the parties, to which we are developing a personal, long-term and cooperative relationship, which is based on mutual trust.

We believe that SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM and CONFIDENCE are principles that we put in the forefront of our business operations.


We do business with our customers in such way to ensure arranging suitable insurance solutions and safeguard confidentiality of the data, which we use at our work. The company BI NOVA d.o.o. is regularly supervised and monitored by supervisory authorities, which represents an additional safety in your business cooperation with our company. Employees handle all confidential information in accordance with regulations and rules of protection of personal data and business secrecies.


Professionalism of our employees is based on extensive and long-term experience in insurance industry both in arranging and designing insurance programmes as well as in managing claims. We closely cooperate with other insurance companies present on our insurance market, both domestic and foreign ones. In addition, we are also able to arrange international insurance programmes with partner companies in the insurance brokerage industry and provide local service in most countries through the network of these partner companies.


We assure our customers that their interests are always in the forefront, to which we develop a personal, long-term and cooperative relationship. For each company individually we find an optimal insurance solution, which represents a suitable protection for risks at competitive prices.