Manufacturing companies in food industry are handling and managing large property, which they need for carrying out their activities, including buildings, equipment, machinery and supplies and stocks. Such assets and property are usually insured at least for property risks such as fire, lightning, explosion and earthquake insurance, according to the specific position of manufacturing and administrative facilities as well as the danger of floods, landslides or snow slides and other risks. The risk of ignition in the stocks used as food for animals experienced by company in fostering shall be addressed as a specific risk related to the industry.

Animals themselves can also be exposed to different diseases, and the costs and expenses of their treatment can be separately insured, as well as the damage incurred by the company due to their death.

Equipment (machines, appliances, production lines, transport ways, mechanical equipment of facilities and buildings) can be insured for costs and expenses related to the repair or destruction of these things with wide coverage of insured risks, such as defects in material, fracture and similar. In conjunction with the concluded fire insurance is similarly subject to agreement also business interruption insurance, which covers fixed, costs at the time, when the plant is not operating due to the event arising from the insured risk for fire or mechanical break insurance.

In the event when the company operates with its sales network of stores, it is also necessary to arrange insurance of cash at points of sale and also insurance for the period, when such cash is being transferred to other storing places or to the bank.

Supplies and finished products, as well as other merchandise and goods being transported on business risks have to be subject to transport insurance during the time of transport from the manufacturing plant to stores for possible damages occurring on the goods during transportation.

Food industry is particularly exposed to risks related to the use of their products at consumers, where different causes might lead to damage or morbidity of those. In such cases may the aggrieved consumers make a request for compensation for their damage. Such risks are insured by taking out insurance of manufacturer's liability for products and also with insuring a recall in the event such is necessary for preventive protection of the consumer.

After reviewing the scope of risks we find the optimal insurance solution and implement it under competitive terms and conditions.