Insurance brokerage firm for companies

Elaboration and implementation of innovative insurance custom made solutions for companies.

The owner of the company is Peter Breznikar, who has successfully been working in the insurance industry for many years now; initially in the field of arranging insurances on the insurance company side, and in the last decade as a general manager of an international insurance brokerage house.

Our field of activities comprises planning and arranging all types of insurances, such as property insurance, personal insurances, fleet insurance, suretyship insurance as well as insurance of export and domestic receivables. We have specifically wide experience with arranging insurances for companies operating in the automotive, food, paper and other manufacturing industries.

We are helping our customers in the process of identifying significant risks, which may in some cases, be a great asset or financial loss and could in some cases threaten the company's existence. Based on the identified threats and risks we plan modified company tailored insurance solutions, for which we search for optimum and cost-effective insurance solution on the insurance market.

Our customers are provided with adequate professional assistance and expertise in the occurrence of insured claims. Considering that the concluded insurance policy is actually only a promise that an insurance company will reimburse the incurred insured damage, the real test of it comes only with the damage occurred. We make sure that this promise is fulfilled in accordance with provisions of the concluded insurance policy.

BINOVA is distinguished from its competition following unique approach it has towards its customers, where there are always in the forefront the interests of the parties, to which we are developing a personal, long-term and cooperative relationship, which is based on mutual trust. For each company separately we search for the best insurance solution, which means a suitable protection for risks that threaten the company. Extensive experience with planning insurance programmes for companies and with established relationships with insurance companies enable us to always find the most appropriate insurance solution.

Our employees have behind a long line of successfully agreed insurance programmes both in domestic as well as in the international insurance environment. Furthermore, we also managed several loss events in our current work exceeding 1 million EUR of damage and which we successfully led to the final settlement for our customers.

In case you require more information on how we can help you find and agree optimum insurance solutions and thus protect you against risks threatening the existence of your company, kindly write on the following e-mail address External link opens in new tab or We will gladly offer our assistance and help. In addition, we also offer a free-of-charge review of the existing insurance solutions for companies, including our suggestions for their improvement.

Kind regards,

MA. Peter Breznikar

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